Blog #10: Unplug

In the generation today electronics and all forms of technology are available almost at any time.  Because of the amount of things technology can do for someone, it has become completely depended on and everyone’s main focus at all times.  There are times when technology is a very positive thing while at other times, such as described in the article it can be negative.

I find it very hard for me to unplug myself from technology.  In day-to-day life, I am on my phone constantly, probably even at times when I shouldn’t be.  Since I have grown up with technology always around me, being away from it is very hard.  One thing I thought of while reading the article was when I went on vacation a couple years ago when I went on a cruise.  When on the cruise you have no phone access but Internet access is available for an extra charge.  I remember being on the cruise and going out of my way and paying extra so I could stay connected with friends and see what was going on at home while I was away for only a week.

I think this class has been very interesting and I have learned about a lot of things that I didn’t know before when it came to technology.  Technology is constantly changing so its good to know what came before us and what the future may hold.


Blog #9: Blogging

I believe that blogging is a very good way for people to express the way they feel and have a way to say or do particular things.  Although, just like any other source of media, blogging can be very negative and affect oneself depending on the way that it is used and who, and what it is about.

I think blogging has a huge impact on society.  When thinking of blogging and even just a simple thing such as a “tweet” the fact that it is immediately out in the world to see, can’t be both negative and positive.  There are many things that are true and need to be shared immediately with everyone, while there are things that are untrue and person that don’t need to be spread and especially not so quickly.

The article that was read shows the affects and negative side of blogging.  Any person can blog whatever they may want, about any person, at any time and about anything.  This is dangerous and can tarnish another’s image.  I think the “power to publish” is negative and positive and depends on what intentions you have when doing it.  Because of the power to do and say what you want, it can and does create problems.

I believe that regardless of the situation, blogging has its pros and cons and the only thing to hope is that people who use it will use it in a positive way rather than negative.  We have the freedom to do it, so everyone should use to properly for the good of everyone else.  The impact it has is so powerful and should always be used in a positive way.



Blog #8: Privacy

I believe that the privacy of oneself is very important and that others should respect it.  Whether it is a close friends, family or the government, one should have their right to protecting themselves.

I personally am concerned about this issue nor have I done anything to protect my privacy. Before the discussion in class I was aware of the privacy issues, but I didn’t know it was to this extent.  I believe that one should be able to say what they want through a email, on a phone call or even what they are doing while driving down the street.  The idea that everything can be tracked, and is tracked when nothing wrong is being done is crazy and wrong to me.  I have a Facebook and I am someone who has my privacy setting set so only friends can see, but after knowing that everything is still seen regardless of the choice I thought I made in my privacy settings, I consider even keeping my Facebook it in the future.

The Facebook issue is an issue that really stands out to me.  Facebook offers privacy settings, yet they don’t follow them and keep it exactly how you think it is.  I never had thought before the video that just any stranger or co-worker could find information I had posted.  I think this is something that should be a concern and people should fight for.

Privacy should be available for all unless there is proof of wrongdoing or a reason to look into it.  The fact that the Big Brothers are constantly watching our lives, can truly affect some people in the future if they had a rough past or wrong doings.  Although this has not affected me yet, I do have concerns that at some point down the road, there is a possibility of it, which is simply unfair.

Blog #7: Video Games

There’s an Xbox, a play station, PSP, Nintendo, Wii, the list goes on and on.  Here are so many different forms of video gaming systems with open up so many doors for the ability to play particular games.  Not only is there a huge variety in systems, there are so many games, to many to even mention.  Because of the amount of systems and games, video games reach out to almost every type of person in some kind of way.

Video games range from racing cars to going on missions and even working out and because of this, video games play a wide variety in society and peoples lives. I think that video games give people a chance to be imaginary and do things they don’t typically get to do, and find thrill in the excitement.  When it comes work out video games, it is a fun and exciting way people can stay fit, but do it in the comfort of their own home.

I have two-step brothers who have always been huge supporters of video games and my observation was that, at a particular age, it becomes very addicting.  From the experience of my brothers, they were constantly playing and talking about achieving goals and getting to new levels.  I think this is a good thing because it is a way to set goals and feel accomplished, yet it can go overboard and consume your life, which I definitely believe happened at times.

I personally am someone who has played video games before, but I have played very few and tend to always get bored with them.  I believe that video games can appeal to people but also turn people off because of the addictions that people around them have.  Video games have come a long way, and keep getting more and more graphic and interesting.  The improving in video games is very similar to the improvement of of a TV, radio and other topics we have discussed in class.

Blog #6: Computers & World Wide Web

The World Wide Web and PC’s have come so far and are almost completely different.  I remember as a child having a computer in a family home and being able to learn how to use it immediately at a young age.  Although, the things I use it for now is completely different, it still played a huge role because I understand the electronic and the way it changes.

When looking back the first thing that comes to the mind about a computer and the World Wide Web is being on instant messenger.  I still to this day remember my login and how I would be on it all the time because it was at the time before I personally had a cell phone and it was the way I communicated with friends without sitting on my parents house phone all day.  I think I remember this because it really was the first thing I actually used via the web and computer and it helped me really to be a kid.

I think without a PC, or not understand one, being a college student would be very hard.  I think knowing how to work a computer and the web is very important and thanks for my childhood I have a good understanding of both and I feel as if it can help me to succeed.

Blog #5: New Technology

I found the article “The Terrifying Truth About New Technology” to be very true and a great description of society today.  I think the premise of this article describes a lot, older Americans all over the world.  Technology is constantly changing and it is hard for people, even young to stay up to date, let alone older people who aren’t used to advances.

I personally can relate to this article, and I immediately think of my mother.  She is constantly complaining and asking for help when it comes to new technology we have convinced her to use or buy.  For example in the article, says, “May I speak to a human, please?” Perhaps you’ve even contemplated the deeper questions, like just what in the hell does Twitter do?” and these are very similar question my mother has asked me.  After reading the article, I even had her read it because I had her voice in my head the entire time so when she read it she was constantly laughing and saying, “This sounds like me!” I think knowing that this is a problem my mom has, helps me to know and understand that older people, especially people older than her definitely struggle with this issue.

I believe the same thing will happen to me with age.  I think no matter who you are or how tech savy you are, as you get older keeping up and being able to learn will always be an issue.  Times have changed a lot and are continuously changing to better and more complicated things. and Without the help from others and having the interests in the changes its hard to stay up to date so it is therefore inevitable.

Blog #4: Camcorders & Webcams

               When thinking of webcams and camcorders I think of two completely different things.  When a camcorder is mentioned I immediately think of my parents shooting child hood footage of my sister and I dancing around the house or at our birthday parties.  I think a camcorder is something that is very important yet it has lost a lot of usage.  Webcam on the other hand, I think about adults, me being a college student I use web cams such as Skype and i Chat to stay connected with friends.  A webcam is more of something that is seen that second and typically not saved for later use. 
                I believe that home video technology is important in our lives, but with everyone’s lives moving so fast and things like high tech cameras taking over people turn to photos and sometimes the video on the camera. I think that the fact that camcorders continue to keep getting smaller and more transportable, they may keep getting used because they are handy and something you can always have in a purse or bag that constantly with you.
 I do believe a video is something that people should know how to make because throughout life there are plenty of things you need video footage for, or would like to have recorded for although it’s so easy to find someone to do it for you so I also think that everyone not knowing is fine. 
                I do think it is necessary for a communication major to be able to shoot and edit a video.  As a communication major there is a lot of public speaking and constant talking, and I believe that being able to record important things and put it all together is a video is definitely a must.  If you are someone speaking in front of a group of people a video that doesn’t flow, or that has bad breaks and ending can lose the attention of those you are speaking too or they may not see you as presentable and professional. 
                I do believe that camcorders will constantly be made, and have new updates to try to draw people back in, but I think that they are something that are constantly fading out and they will always have competition.  I also believe that camcorders only are used by certain age groups and that is a issue they ma always have. 

Blog #3: Television

I believe television is an icon/object that will constantly be around.  A television is something that portrays the outside world from your home.  There is constantly something new on it that keeps your interested and the television itself is also always changing.

I chose Social learning theory, as one of my favorite theories and I personally think this plays a huge role in the history of television.  The television is always getting better and improved and if people continue to buy the new updates of it, and people see others they will continue to buy them and keep them popular.  I think if televisions were to stay basic and generic, yes they would still be used, but would they be fun to watch stuff on in this day and age compared to the changes and updates of everything else around us.  If televisions weren’t to change as much as cell phones, types of radios and other electronics we easily would have lost sight and them.  Due to the constant updating and new types with HD, or DVR being available on them, and people realizing how great it is, people continue to use the television.

I believe that the television has always played a huge part, and though there used to not be as many channels it was what people depended on, it used to have minimal channels but still did the job.  Now the television has hundreds and thousands of channels depending on what network you have.

I personally do not see the television going away in the new future.  I only see  television getting better and drawing people in and continuing to be addicted to it.  I believe the television even has plenty more of new ways, some of which are being created now that I couldn’t even think of them coming up with.

Blog #2: Music

             Music is a huge part of my life.  I think music is a great way to express how you feel, your personality, show your taste and find similarities with others.  I am someone who is very thankful of all the different types of devices that are available for music.  Because of all the devices, it is available at almost any time, I can listen to what I want at that particular time, and have it on my on devices.
            The types of devices that I use are my iPhone, iPod, iTunes and radio.  I use all different devices at different times depending on where I am.  My iPhone is used a lot when I’m on the go, exercising and sometimes in my car through my wireless Bluetooth.  My iPod is probably used the least now because of my iPhone, but it is used in the car.  My music that is on iTunes is typically used when I am in my room getting ready, packing, cleaning or just hanging out at home.  And last but not least, the radio.  I use the radio only when I am in the car and it has even become one of my least used ones, but when I do start to find the music I have on my other devices outdated, I always switch to it to hear new things.  
            I listen to music because I feel like it is a way of expressing yourself.  There are so many different genres that you can listen to something that fits your mood for the day, and can relate.  Although I do have my favorite artists, there are always different artists I listen to on a particular day because of how I’m feeling.  For example on a hot summer day driving, I would typically choose country music.  If I am hanging out with friends, or at a party I listen to rap or hip hop to fit he mood and scenery of the party.  All different scenarios and situations play a role in the type of music you listen to at that exact time.  
I found this link below very interesting.  The link below even states that the type of music you listen to can show your personality.  

Blog Assignment #1:Radio

            Hi, My name is Courtney and I am a person who is very interested in new technology.  I over the years have come a huge “apple” supporter and when things are new and improved through them I get very excited and want the new “thing”, although I am not one to go spend a ridiculous amount of money on a minor new change and buy the item.  I currently have an iPhone 4, numerous IPods and a Mac Book Pro and when it comes times for me to get something new in technology I definitely go directly to what is the best. 

            When it comes to radio, I only listen to it while in the car and a lot of the time, I even listen to the music on my IPod’s or iPhone.  My friends and family are very similar.  I feel that most the time radio is very helpful when it comes to traffic, and being able to hear the latest in music.  I typically stick between the same stations which are set in my car, and don’t really branch out from there. 

            The future of radio is hard to predict.  Considering it been around for so long and still has so many stations, and even more than it started with is hard to believe it ever ending.  But when you think about all the new technological advances, and really thinking about what’s popular and coming, radio may get brushed under the rug in comparison.  When really putting a lot of thought into it and reading about the statistics in the book, I believe that the radio will continue to be overlooked by other competition, which consists of portable digital audio players, the internet and wireless phones.  I hope that radio finds a way to stay intact and continue to be a form of media, but with high competition and things constantly changing, they will definitely have to put up a fight. 

Below is a link discussing the future of radio: