Blog #4: Camcorders & Webcams

               When thinking of webcams and camcorders I think of two completely different things.  When a camcorder is mentioned I immediately think of my parents shooting child hood footage of my sister and I dancing around the house or at our birthday parties.  I think a camcorder is something that is very important yet it has lost a lot of usage.  Webcam on the other hand, I think about adults, me being a college student I use web cams such as Skype and i Chat to stay connected with friends.  A webcam is more of something that is seen that second and typically not saved for later use. 
                I believe that home video technology is important in our lives, but with everyone’s lives moving so fast and things like high tech cameras taking over people turn to photos and sometimes the video on the camera. I think that the fact that camcorders continue to keep getting smaller and more transportable, they may keep getting used because they are handy and something you can always have in a purse or bag that constantly with you.
 I do believe a video is something that people should know how to make because throughout life there are plenty of things you need video footage for, or would like to have recorded for although it’s so easy to find someone to do it for you so I also think that everyone not knowing is fine. 
                I do think it is necessary for a communication major to be able to shoot and edit a video.  As a communication major there is a lot of public speaking and constant talking, and I believe that being able to record important things and put it all together is a video is definitely a must.  If you are someone speaking in front of a group of people a video that doesn’t flow, or that has bad breaks and ending can lose the attention of those you are speaking too or they may not see you as presentable and professional. 
                I do believe that camcorders will constantly be made, and have new updates to try to draw people back in, but I think that they are something that are constantly fading out and they will always have competition.  I also believe that camcorders only are used by certain age groups and that is a issue they ma always have. 

Blog #3: Television

I believe television is an icon/object that will constantly be around.  A television is something that portrays the outside world from your home.  There is constantly something new on it that keeps your interested and the television itself is also always changing.

I chose Social learning theory, as one of my favorite theories and I personally think this plays a huge role in the history of television.  The television is always getting better and improved and if people continue to buy the new updates of it, and people see others they will continue to buy them and keep them popular.  I think if televisions were to stay basic and generic, yes they would still be used, but would they be fun to watch stuff on in this day and age compared to the changes and updates of everything else around us.  If televisions weren’t to change as much as cell phones, types of radios and other electronics we easily would have lost sight and them.  Due to the constant updating and new types with HD, or DVR being available on them, and people realizing how great it is, people continue to use the television.

I believe that the television has always played a huge part, and though there used to not be as many channels it was what people depended on, it used to have minimal channels but still did the job.  Now the television has hundreds and thousands of channels depending on what network you have.

I personally do not see the television going away in the new future.  I only see  television getting better and drawing people in and continuing to be addicted to it.  I believe the television even has plenty more of new ways, some of which are being created now that I couldn’t even think of them coming up with.

Blog #2: Music

             Music is a huge part of my life.  I think music is a great way to express how you feel, your personality, show your taste and find similarities with others.  I am someone who is very thankful of all the different types of devices that are available for music.  Because of all the devices, it is available at almost any time, I can listen to what I want at that particular time, and have it on my on devices.
            The types of devices that I use are my iPhone, iPod, iTunes and radio.  I use all different devices at different times depending on where I am.  My iPhone is used a lot when I’m on the go, exercising and sometimes in my car through my wireless Bluetooth.  My iPod is probably used the least now because of my iPhone, but it is used in the car.  My music that is on iTunes is typically used when I am in my room getting ready, packing, cleaning or just hanging out at home.  And last but not least, the radio.  I use the radio only when I am in the car and it has even become one of my least used ones, but when I do start to find the music I have on my other devices outdated, I always switch to it to hear new things.  
            I listen to music because I feel like it is a way of expressing yourself.  There are so many different genres that you can listen to something that fits your mood for the day, and can relate.  Although I do have my favorite artists, there are always different artists I listen to on a particular day because of how I’m feeling.  For example on a hot summer day driving, I would typically choose country music.  If I am hanging out with friends, or at a party I listen to rap or hip hop to fit he mood and scenery of the party.  All different scenarios and situations play a role in the type of music you listen to at that exact time.  
I found this link below very interesting.  The link below even states that the type of music you listen to can show your personality.