Blog #7: Video Games

There’s an Xbox, a play station, PSP, Nintendo, Wii, the list goes on and on.  Here are so many different forms of video gaming systems with open up so many doors for the ability to play particular games.  Not only is there a huge variety in systems, there are so many games, to many to even mention.  Because of the amount of systems and games, video games reach out to almost every type of person in some kind of way.

Video games range from racing cars to going on missions and even working out and because of this, video games play a wide variety in society and peoples lives. I think that video games give people a chance to be imaginary and do things they don’t typically get to do, and find thrill in the excitement.  When it comes work out video games, it is a fun and exciting way people can stay fit, but do it in the comfort of their own home.

I have two-step brothers who have always been huge supporters of video games and my observation was that, at a particular age, it becomes very addicting.  From the experience of my brothers, they were constantly playing and talking about achieving goals and getting to new levels.  I think this is a good thing because it is a way to set goals and feel accomplished, yet it can go overboard and consume your life, which I definitely believe happened at times.

I personally am someone who has played video games before, but I have played very few and tend to always get bored with them.  I believe that video games can appeal to people but also turn people off because of the addictions that people around them have.  Video games have come a long way, and keep getting more and more graphic and interesting.  The improving in video games is very similar to the improvement of of a TV, radio and other topics we have discussed in class.


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