Blog #9: Blogging

I believe that blogging is a very good way for people to express the way they feel and have a way to say or do particular things.  Although, just like any other source of media, blogging can be very negative and affect oneself depending on the way that it is used and who, and what it is about.

I think blogging has a huge impact on society.  When thinking of blogging and even just a simple thing such as a “tweet” the fact that it is immediately out in the world to see, can’t be both negative and positive.  There are many things that are true and need to be shared immediately with everyone, while there are things that are untrue and person that don’t need to be spread and especially not so quickly.

The article that was read shows the affects and negative side of blogging.  Any person can blog whatever they may want, about any person, at any time and about anything.  This is dangerous and can tarnish another’s image.  I think the “power to publish” is negative and positive and depends on what intentions you have when doing it.  Because of the power to do and say what you want, it can and does create problems.

I believe that regardless of the situation, blogging has its pros and cons and the only thing to hope is that people who use it will use it in a positive way rather than negative.  We have the freedom to do it, so everyone should use to properly for the good of everyone else.  The impact it has is so powerful and should always be used in a positive way.




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