Blog #5: New Technology

I found the article “The Terrifying Truth About New Technology” to be very true and a great description of society today.  I think the premise of this article describes a lot, older Americans all over the world.  Technology is constantly changing and it is hard for people, even young to stay up to date, let alone older people who aren’t used to advances.

I personally can relate to this article, and I immediately think of my mother.  She is constantly complaining and asking for help when it comes to new technology we have convinced her to use or buy.  For example in the article, says, “May I speak to a human, please?” Perhaps you’ve even contemplated the deeper questions, like just what in the hell does Twitter do?” and these are very similar question my mother has asked me.  After reading the article, I even had her read it because I had her voice in my head the entire time so when she read it she was constantly laughing and saying, “This sounds like me!” I think knowing that this is a problem my mom has, helps me to know and understand that older people, especially people older than her definitely struggle with this issue.

I believe the same thing will happen to me with age.  I think no matter who you are or how tech savy you are, as you get older keeping up and being able to learn will always be an issue.  Times have changed a lot and are continuously changing to better and more complicated things. and Without the help from others and having the interests in the changes its hard to stay up to date so it is therefore inevitable.


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