Blog #6: Computers & World Wide Web

The World Wide Web and PC’s have come so far and are almost completely different.  I remember as a child having a computer in a family home and being able to learn how to use it immediately at a young age.  Although, the things I use it for now is completely different, it still played a huge role because I understand the electronic and the way it changes.

When looking back the first thing that comes to the mind about a computer and the World Wide Web is being on instant messenger.  I still to this day remember my login and how I would be on it all the time because it was at the time before I personally had a cell phone and it was the way I communicated with friends without sitting on my parents house phone all day.  I think I remember this because it really was the first thing I actually used via the web and computer and it helped me really to be a kid.

I think without a PC, or not understand one, being a college student would be very hard.  I think knowing how to work a computer and the web is very important and thanks for my childhood I have a good understanding of both and I feel as if it can help me to succeed.


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Student at Louisville University.

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