Blog #8: Privacy

I believe that the privacy of oneself is very important and that others should respect it.  Whether it is a close friends, family or the government, one should have their right to protecting themselves.

I personally am concerned about this issue nor have I done anything to protect my privacy. Before the discussion in class I was aware of the privacy issues, but I didn’t know it was to this extent.  I believe that one should be able to say what they want through a email, on a phone call or even what they are doing while driving down the street.  The idea that everything can be tracked, and is tracked when nothing wrong is being done is crazy and wrong to me.  I have a Facebook and I am someone who has my privacy setting set so only friends can see, but after knowing that everything is still seen regardless of the choice I thought I made in my privacy settings, I consider even keeping my Facebook it in the future.

The Facebook issue is an issue that really stands out to me.  Facebook offers privacy settings, yet they don’t follow them and keep it exactly how you think it is.  I never had thought before the video that just any stranger or co-worker could find information I had posted.  I think this is something that should be a concern and people should fight for.

Privacy should be available for all unless there is proof of wrongdoing or a reason to look into it.  The fact that the Big Brothers are constantly watching our lives, can truly affect some people in the future if they had a rough past or wrong doings.  Although this has not affected me yet, I do have concerns that at some point down the road, there is a possibility of it, which is simply unfair.


Blog #7: Video Games

There’s an Xbox, a play station, PSP, Nintendo, Wii, the list goes on and on.  Here are so many different forms of video gaming systems with open up so many doors for the ability to play particular games.  Not only is there a huge variety in systems, there are so many games, to many to even mention.  Because of the amount of systems and games, video games reach out to almost every type of person in some kind of way.

Video games range from racing cars to going on missions and even working out and because of this, video games play a wide variety in society and peoples lives. I think that video games give people a chance to be imaginary and do things they don’t typically get to do, and find thrill in the excitement.  When it comes work out video games, it is a fun and exciting way people can stay fit, but do it in the comfort of their own home.

I have two-step brothers who have always been huge supporters of video games and my observation was that, at a particular age, it becomes very addicting.  From the experience of my brothers, they were constantly playing and talking about achieving goals and getting to new levels.  I think this is a good thing because it is a way to set goals and feel accomplished, yet it can go overboard and consume your life, which I definitely believe happened at times.

I personally am someone who has played video games before, but I have played very few and tend to always get bored with them.  I believe that video games can appeal to people but also turn people off because of the addictions that people around them have.  Video games have come a long way, and keep getting more and more graphic and interesting.  The improving in video games is very similar to the improvement of of a TV, radio and other topics we have discussed in class.

Blog #6: Computers & World Wide Web

The World Wide Web and PC’s have come so far and are almost completely different.  I remember as a child having a computer in a family home and being able to learn how to use it immediately at a young age.  Although, the things I use it for now is completely different, it still played a huge role because I understand the electronic and the way it changes.

When looking back the first thing that comes to the mind about a computer and the World Wide Web is being on instant messenger.  I still to this day remember my login and how I would be on it all the time because it was at the time before I personally had a cell phone and it was the way I communicated with friends without sitting on my parents house phone all day.  I think I remember this because it really was the first thing I actually used via the web and computer and it helped me really to be a kid.

I think without a PC, or not understand one, being a college student would be very hard.  I think knowing how to work a computer and the web is very important and thanks for my childhood I have a good understanding of both and I feel as if it can help me to succeed.

Blog #5: New Technology

I found the article “The Terrifying Truth About New Technology” to be very true and a great description of society today.  I think the premise of this article describes a lot, older Americans all over the world.  Technology is constantly changing and it is hard for people, even young to stay up to date, let alone older people who aren’t used to advances.

I personally can relate to this article, and I immediately think of my mother.  She is constantly complaining and asking for help when it comes to new technology we have convinced her to use or buy.  For example in the article, says, “May I speak to a human, please?” Perhaps you’ve even contemplated the deeper questions, like just what in the hell does Twitter do?” and these are very similar question my mother has asked me.  After reading the article, I even had her read it because I had her voice in my head the entire time so when she read it she was constantly laughing and saying, “This sounds like me!” I think knowing that this is a problem my mom has, helps me to know and understand that older people, especially people older than her definitely struggle with this issue.

I believe the same thing will happen to me with age.  I think no matter who you are or how tech savy you are, as you get older keeping up and being able to learn will always be an issue.  Times have changed a lot and are continuously changing to better and more complicated things. and Without the help from others and having the interests in the changes its hard to stay up to date so it is therefore inevitable.