Blog #4: Camcorders & Webcams

               When thinking of webcams and camcorders I think of two completely different things.  When a camcorder is mentioned I immediately think of my parents shooting child hood footage of my sister and I dancing around the house or at our birthday parties.  I think a camcorder is something that is very important yet it has lost a lot of usage.  Webcam on the other hand, I think about adults, me being a college student I use web cams such as Skype and i Chat to stay connected with friends.  A webcam is more of something that is seen that second and typically not saved for later use. 
                I believe that home video technology is important in our lives, but with everyone’s lives moving so fast and things like high tech cameras taking over people turn to photos and sometimes the video on the camera. I think that the fact that camcorders continue to keep getting smaller and more transportable, they may keep getting used because they are handy and something you can always have in a purse or bag that constantly with you.
 I do believe a video is something that people should know how to make because throughout life there are plenty of things you need video footage for, or would like to have recorded for although it’s so easy to find someone to do it for you so I also think that everyone not knowing is fine. 
                I do think it is necessary for a communication major to be able to shoot and edit a video.  As a communication major there is a lot of public speaking and constant talking, and I believe that being able to record important things and put it all together is a video is definitely a must.  If you are someone speaking in front of a group of people a video that doesn’t flow, or that has bad breaks and ending can lose the attention of those you are speaking too or they may not see you as presentable and professional. 
                I do believe that camcorders will constantly be made, and have new updates to try to draw people back in, but I think that they are something that are constantly fading out and they will always have competition.  I also believe that camcorders only are used by certain age groups and that is a issue they ma always have. 

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