Blog Assignment #1:Radio

            Hi, My name is Courtney and I am a person who is very interested in new technology.  I over the years have come a huge “apple” supporter and when things are new and improved through them I get very excited and want the new “thing”, although I am not one to go spend a ridiculous amount of money on a minor new change and buy the item.  I currently have an iPhone 4, numerous IPods and a Mac Book Pro and when it comes times for me to get something new in technology I definitely go directly to what is the best. 

            When it comes to radio, I only listen to it while in the car and a lot of the time, I even listen to the music on my IPod’s or iPhone.  My friends and family are very similar.  I feel that most the time radio is very helpful when it comes to traffic, and being able to hear the latest in music.  I typically stick between the same stations which are set in my car, and don’t really branch out from there. 

            The future of radio is hard to predict.  Considering it been around for so long and still has so many stations, and even more than it started with is hard to believe it ever ending.  But when you think about all the new technological advances, and really thinking about what’s popular and coming, radio may get brushed under the rug in comparison.  When really putting a lot of thought into it and reading about the statistics in the book, I believe that the radio will continue to be overlooked by other competition, which consists of portable digital audio players, the internet and wireless phones.  I hope that radio finds a way to stay intact and continue to be a form of media, but with high competition and things constantly changing, they will definitely have to put up a fight. 

Below is a link discussing the future of radio:


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